Post 1873 History

Post 1873 History

A little bit of Post History - by Mike Mrsny

Anza Valley Post 1873…a little bit of history.

In the post is a three-volume set of pictures and articles that our Ladies Auxiliary put together that has a very good early history of the post. Included here are some excerpts from that history. Not only is it important to know one's history, it is certainly interesting as well. Just as we are thankful for the service of our veterans who fought for our country, we should be thankful for those who came before us and started our Post right here in Anza. Some key dates: 8 November 1975 is when the Post was officially stood up. The Ladies Auxiliary was officially formed on 17 January 1976 and the Men's Auxiliary was officially formed on 7 November 2007.

The first actual meeting occurred on 7 September 1975 in the back of the old Outpost Pizza Hut with 16 local veterans. Some members of the 4th District were also present, helping to form the Anza Post. The second meeting was held on 20 September and interested local veterans were growing and coming to the meetings. The first Commander was Bill McCanna, his Sr Vice was Monroe Bobb and his Jr Vice was Nick Nichels. In the first three months 79 members were voted into the post. In December 1975 and January 1976, the members were busy refurbishing the Terwilliger Assocation Hall after having completed a lease agreement with them for using it as the home of the Anza Valley VFW Post 1873.

First Photo: Institution and Installation of Anza Valley VFW Post 1873 - 8 November 1975

Second Photo: The first meeting of the Anza Valley VFW Post 1873 – 7 September 1975