Gold Star Mom

A Mother's Poem

By Donna Schumacher

"Our Son"

When he was just a little lad, he walked hand and hand with Mom and Dad.

We shared his laughter, tears and joy, because he was our own little boy.

We only kept him a little while until he went away.

Now no more laughter and smiles and only God knows why our son Robert had to die.

A brave Marine is what he was and now he's in another land and someday we will walk together again hand and hand, through fields of grass so rich and green, that only God has ever seen.

No more sorrows, tears or pain and all the world will smile again and from this world all cares will cease and again we will all have everlasting peace.

Earth is poorer because our son is gone. Heaven is richer because he is up there.

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 02 June 1969 Recon Team "Flight Time" from D Company, 3rd Recon Battalion, was inserted on Hill 471 about a kilometer south of Khe Sanh. On the night of 03/04 June 1969 the team was attacked by an enemy force and requested both emergency extraction and immediate reinforcement. Communications with the team were lost at 0320. When the reactionary force arrived a little after 0400 they were too late ... the six members of "Flight Time" were dead. Five members of the team were in a small trench; the sixth, Cpl Buck, was approximately 10 meters further down the hillside. It was apparent from the state of the battle area that "Flight Time" had been overwhelmed in fierce hand-to-hand combat. The six team members were

    • 1stLt Michael M. O'Connor, Waterloo, IA

    • Cpl William A. Buck, Fayetteville, NC

    • Cpl William M. Wellman, New Carlisle, OH

    • LCpl Douglas W. Barnitz, Columbus, OH

    • Pfc Robert L. Pearcy, Big Bear Lake, CA

  • Pfc Harold A. Skaggs, Phoenix, AZ